Serenbe Meet (Chapters 1-3)

The Summer Reading Tour Orientation was awesome! Serenbe is such a beautiful place filled with beautiful people. As we met, we read chapters 1-3, which I will discuss later. It was empowering to hear the different stories that people shared as well as their perspective on what was read.

Chapter 1: SHAKE IT OFF!!!
I really love this chapter as it tells a story of a goat that conquers the feat of death that lay before him! It is amazing how many obstacles and situations arise in the lives of EVERYONE, and so many of us are defeated by these tough times. If we can just find the strength, and power within us that was granted by God, we too can be like the goat and simply “shake it off”. Although it is not always easy, shaking it off is essential! It saved the goats life!

Chapter 2: RELATIONSHIPS: Importance of fellowship/Frienships.
This chapter reflects the importance of being around people that empower you, and have a similar mindset (Kingdom mindset) also. I have interacted with various types of people, as mentioned in this chapter, and completely agree that it is great and simply refreshing to be around people that you can relate to when it comes to God’s Kingdom. It is always a wonderful feeling when you can empower someone, and it is also a blessing when you can be empowered!
“If you don’t have such a friend, remember God is always here for his daughters. He is a friend too, now that’s Sweet!” – Pearls of the Earth, Stacy Zant

Chapter 3: Searching for Love in all the Wrong Places.
This chapter is pretty much self explanatory based off of the title. It was explained by relating that some people search for love through sources such as social media. Like the book states, it is wonderful to know that we are loved by the people around us, but we should always know no matter what that God’s love is the greatest of all and he never stops loving us. That is powerful! Can you believe that Jesus Christ, loves and cares about us that much. It takes a while to sink in, it us a bit unfathomable actually.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to continuing our journey together! #radiantpip14

See ya later!
Kerian Thomas